As an artist-researcher, I integrate materials-based inquiry into a studio practice which includes fibers sculpture, painting and surface design.


My work considers the role of surface design/ pattern as both a visual experience and encoded information. 

I typically experiment with the geometry of pattern and the desire to embellish for visual satisfaction, communication and transformation. My language references textile history and modernist aesthetics, ritual objects and mathematical structures found in nature.  

The fiber sculptures and wall works combine traditional techniques, such as coiling and knotting with synthetics such as laser cut plastics and digitally produced textile. I use making as a way to codify and process memory. Generated from meditation and intuition, the pieces serve as personal talismans.


Making As Research

Making is responsive. Engaging in the world leads to observations and questions that can be approached through materials. Playing with materials leads to new observations and questions that can be worked out in visual form. 

My projects in higher education and museum settings examine methods to build visual literacy and creativity through object inquiry and reflection. 

As an artist and designer, I integrate written object inquiry, drawing and contemplation into my practice. I often work from museum collections and text-based research, exploring relationships of aesthetics, ritual, and everyday creativity. 

Inquiry & Education Services

My studio fosters creative engagement through artist projects, teaching, curriculum design, and experience design.

Creative Engagement Design

Unique experiences designed to inspire participants to act creatively, build mindful contemplation and play.  Engagements include media-based making projects, guided conversations, and inquiry around objects.

Curriculum and Instructional Design

Direct development or consultation on learning systems that stress making as a form of thinking, design process, inquiry, problem posing, visualization and contemplation.